Section 172(1) statement

In accordance with section 172 of the Companies Act 2006, the directors have a duty to promote the success of the company for the benefit of its members as a whole. The company’s key stakeholders and how we engage with them are set out below, including details of the key management decisions taken during the year. In managing the company, the directors are mindful of the interests of all stakeholders in maintaining a sustainable future for the business and securing prosperity for our staff and the communities we support and engage with.

The directors regularly engage with employees and are committed to providing a positive work environment that promotes equal opportunities and is free from all forms of discrimination. As a long-standing family business with many long serving employees, the directors look to foster strong working relationships with the group’s employees in a supportive environment where open communication is encouraged. Regular meetings are held with an external health and safety advisor to ensure a safe working environment is provided to all employees.

Our commitment to our loyal customer base is demonstrated by our reliable and high service levels and our prioritization of vulnerable people in the local communities we serve. It is our long standing and strong relationships with our customers that gives us the knowledge to be able to do this. The group is ISO9001 accredited, and the directors are committed to the renewal of this accreditation. As part of the accreditation, the group is required to report on the success of meeting agreed customer delivery window dates.

The group has a relatively small number of key suppliers who the directors regularly engage with to ensure a strong working relationship. This strong working relationship is demonstrated through supply contracts in place with several key supplies, which also helps to ensure supply chain continuity. The group looks to ensure that agreed credit terms with suppliers are met.

As a long-standing local family business, the local communities we serve are key to the success of the business. To minimise the environmental impact of our fuel deliveries, the company has several local depots, employing local people to make deliveries. The group utilises local knowledge to ensure route planning to maximise the efficiency of deliveries. The group also makes significant investment in a modern fleet of vehicles that are well maintained. The group is ISO4001 accredited, and the directors are committed to the renewal of this accreditation. We have an ongoing relationship with the local fire department who utilise our site for training exercises. The group also supports local charities and events.

We engage with the group’s bankers through regular dialogue and keep the bank up to date on the financial performance of the group.