Heltor HVO Fuel
Heltor HVO Fuel
Reduce up to 90% of Net CO2 Emissions

Heltor are one of the leading suppliers of HVO across the South West of England

HVO is produced by hydrotreatment of vegetable oils and/or animal fats, and the result is a premium quality fuel with a chemical structure almost identical to regular diesel and can therefore fully replace fossil diesel. Unlike previous biofuels, HVO is manufactured by a synthesised process with hydrogen to create a greener, renewable fuel.

HVO can often be used without modification in diesel engines and machinery and is approved for heavy duty road and off road vehicles such as Scania, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, MAN, DAF, Renault, John Deere, Caterpillar, Steyr and Iveco. To check that your particular vehicle make and model can use HVO, please check your handbook or contact the manufacturer.

To find out more on HVO, download our brochure or get in touch to get a price and place an order.

What is HVO fuel?

Heltor HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) is a premium, high quality diesel fuel made from renewable, sustainable raw materials – all which do not release any new CO2 into the atmosphere.

HVO is part of the paraffinic family of fuels which are stable, renewable, sustainable and high quality, making it perfectly suited for a wide range of applications including vehicles, generators and industrial power systems.

HVO meets EN 15940 standards and Fuel Quality Directive 2009/30/EC Annex II so can be used as a direct, drop-in alternative to mineral diesel without modifications to infrastructure or high initial investments. Simply place an order of Heltor HVO fuel today and start reducing your CO2 emissions right away.

The feedstocks used to manufacture Heltor HVO are 100% waste, drawn from primary sources which have bypassed damage to the environment, natural ecosystem and the drive for global deforestation. All raw materials are checked and verified, and the fuel’s credentials audited by the Department for Transport (DFT) to ensure both sustainability and product integrity are certified.

HVO meets bio content requirements with no FAME included and, to that point, avoids the instability and operability issues seen by many low blend diesel fuels and high blend biofuels.

How does HVO fuel compare to other fuels?
Trials are being undertaken to use HVO as a replacement for Heating oil. The advantages are explained below:
  1. Cleaner and greener – reduces your carbon emissions by almost 90% compared to existing heating oil
  2. Simple conversion process that can be conveniently done when
    your boiler is serviced or upgraded
  3. Usual cost of conversion around £500 (exact cost depends on system)
  4. Made from fossil-free, certified sustainable waste materials
  5. You won’t notice the difference – runs just as efficiently as heating oil in your existing system and it’s odourless too

Find out more visit www.futurereadyfuel.info

In a large number of areas, HVO is actually superior to other forms of fuel – be it fossil-fuel or biofuels. The table below compares the different characteristics of HVO fuel, FAME, and regular diesel. The advantages of HVO fuel speak for themselves.

Characteristic Deisel FAME HVO Fuel
BIO Content 0 100 100
Oxygen Level 0 11 0
Sulphur Content <10 <1 <1
Specific Gravity 0,84 0,88 0,78
Distillation Level, C 200 – 350 340 – 355 200 – 320
Cetane Level 51 50 – 65 70 – 90
Stability from Oxidation Average Below Average – Poor Excellent
Frequently asked questions

Why Choose Heltor HVO?

Heltor is a trusted, family-run fuel suppler with 60 years’ experience serving domestic, agricultural, commercial and haulage markets across The south West.

What is HVO made From?

Heltor HVO is synthetically made through the hydrotreatment process from vegetable oils, grease waste or residue from food industry and agriculture. These 100% renewable raw materials can be regrown when stock is needed, making it a sustainable fuel.

Can I use HVO in my current off-road diesel engine?

Yes. HVO is a 100% drop-in fuel and with any EN590 & ASTM D97 5 red diesel compatible engines, such as generators.

Can my road vehicle run on HVO?

Yes, HVO is a direct substitute to diesel and red diesel. Although we recommend manufactures guidelines are followed.

How long can I store HVO for?

Up to ten years with good tank maintenance.

Does HVO come from palm oil?

Our supply of HVO meets the regulations of the ICSS and has been sourced from 100% sustainable raw materials and waste.

Does HVO smell like diesel?

Our HVO is composed entirely of linear and branched paraffins with no aromaticity, no saturation, and no Sulphur compounds, making it odourless and biodegradable.

Can HVO be stored in an existing tank?

Yes no changes are required to existing tanks. HVO can be mixed with regular diesel.