Fuel Additives

We have developed our Heltor Pure Heat ranges to ensure we supply the best quality fuels for our customers. They have a range of benefits:

• Lowers carbon and sludge build-up
• Stabilises the fuel
• Keeps fuel fresher, longer
• Reduces service problems
• Improves system efficiency
• Kinder to the Environment

We also have a range of Heltor Diesel Additive products to suit a variety of different customer needs and specifications:
fuel additives
  • Heltor Gas Oil Extra
    • Prevents water pick-up
    • Improves power and smooth running
    • Protects fuel pumps and injectors
    • Increases cetane number to that required by modern engines
  • Heltor Anti-Bug Kill/Protect
    • Prevent bugs with Anti-Bug Protect
    • Kill bugs within 24 hrs with Anti-Bug Kill
    • Avoids blocked filters
    • Leaves no residue
  • Heltor Power Restorer
    • Restores optimum power
    • Removes injector deposits
  • Heltor Fuel Store Plus
    • Keeps fuel fresh up to 2 years
    • Reduces deposits and varnishes
    • Prevents bugs
    • Acts as a corrosion inhibitor
  • Heltor Anti-Wax
    • Keeps engine working down to -20oC
    • Changes wax structure
    • Inhibits filter blocking
  • Heltor Diesel Supreme
    • Cleans engines
    • Lowers fuel consumption
    • Restores lost engine power
    • Reduces emissions